Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Silly Me...

I totally forgot to discuss my progress pictures and the art of measuring oneself in my post this morning.

Well, maybe I didn't forget to post the pictures.  I am terrified to put these puppies up!  But, I decided to quit being a baby - here we go...  BTW, the ones dated 12.03.09 were taken right after I came home from the gym which is why my face looks so red and sweaty!

Each time that I make these little collages I want to see a huge difference, but I really don't see anything.  In fact, I think the pics from12.03.09 look the best!?!  Bummer.

Which brings me to topic number two - How the heck do I measure myself?  Dan has been doing my measurements but they are crazy!  In the first month he has me losing 16.5 inches (7 of which are in my hips alone)!  He swore he was doing it correctly; however when we went to do it this time he confessed that he has no idea where to put the tape measure.  WTF!

So, I have decided that I would measure myself myself - he has officially been fired!  The problem is that I don't know what I am doing either!  Where do you place the tape measure for each measurement?

I would love any advice you may have...



MandaPanda said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog. I just read through yours and you're doing great! And it so comforting to hear that the C25k thing gets easier but I think you were actually in better shape than me when you started. Anyhoo, the measurements. I didn't know either when I did mine so I googled it. I found this site VERY helpful. Good luck!

Amy W. said...

Here are a couple of tips. First, I took progress pictures every 40 pounds...and not until. It was really hard to notice a change in my body until about 40 pounds down, and then about another 40. So, don't be discouraged.

Also, I bet you think the #2 pictures look better bc you are standing further back and it's an optical illusion! Make sure the photographer (and you) are in the same place each time. I learned this the hard way.

As for measuring I always measure the same place each time. I have a waist measurement and a belly measurement. My waist is the smallest part of my waist (right above my belly button) and my belly is 2" below my belly button. Just find a way to make them consistent.

Now, let me just say that #3 are totally the best ones! Can you see the difference under your bra? your waist is starting to cut in! And I can totally tell a difference on your belly! Much smaller! MUCH!

I am so proud of you for posting those pics!

The Former Fat Girl said...

Ditto with Amy! You most certainly can tell the difference ! The belly pouch ( no worries we ALL have it) is definetly smaller, in the back pics there is less rolls under the bra and your waist is starting to come in. It is completely true what Amy said it does take till about ~40 to 50 lbs down to really see a "dramatic" change but they're there..just remember we are always our worst critics !!

Patience little one ( only cause I'm 31) the magic is on its way !!

THE DASH! said...

First up - it takes a brave lady to put it all out there. We love you no matter what and I'm here to say - you can totally see a difference in the bottom pics. Your tummy is coming down - arms are smaller and just look better all round. Go you!!! You're gorgeous. xx

Bonnie said...

Hi, Colleen - I think I am person #52 who found you interesting. :)It took a lot of guts to post pictures you aren't happy with. Although, I absolutely see a difference. And just think how far you've come. Not even with just weight loss, but the whole process itself. You've gotten through being banded, fills, menu choices and you are doing great with your training. Keep up the good work and more good results will follows.