Thursday, January 14, 2010

Slow and steady...

wins the race...right?

This week I show a loss of .5 lbs, nothing spectacular, but I will gladly take it.  This brings me to a total of 23 lbs lost, not that much considering it is almost three months.  Chrissy, the nurse at my doctor's office said that I am right on track and losing at a good rate.  I guess she knows what she is talking about, but I really feel like I need to step it up a bit.  Hopefully my fill yesterday will help!

I am happy to report that I completed my first week of C25K on Saturday and I feel spectacular!  I have updated all of my stats (links are on the right side of my blog), however I was a bad girl this month.  My goal was to do my measurements and progress pictures each and every month, but for some reason I did not do this for month 2.  My three month bandiversary will be on the 20th, so I will just have to skip month two and jump to month three.  I still have not posted my progress shots, I am too nervous.  I want to post them, but I feel like I still haven't had enough loss to see a difference.

As I mentioned, I had my second fill yesterday, which I desperately needed.  For the last week or so I really felt like I could eat and eat and eat!  In the long run I wasn't too nervous about the lack of restriction because I had this appointment scheduled already.  As long as there is still a steady weight loss I am not going to get worked up about it.  Even on the days when I felt that I ate too much - it was still way less than pre-band.

My fill yesterday was quite the episode.  I heart Chrissy, she is magnificent, she got in within 30 seconds without too much discomfort.  She gave me 2 cc's, which would bring me to 6 cc's total.  I received my little glass of water and waited to make sure everything was okay.  Well, it wasn't!  Holy salvation!  I took one small sip and instantly loud and juicy gurgling sounds escape from my throat, very embarrassing!  Then I couldn't swallow all of the liquid that my mouth was suddenly producing.  I ran to the ladies room and hung my head over the sink and let my mouth drop open - omg the liquid just kept coming out!  So, needless to say I had to go back and have some taken out.  She took out 1 cc so now I am at 5 cc's total.  I defiantly feel restriction with my water and protein shake, but nothing like the first fill yesterday.  I think this will be a good one!


carla said...

Glad you got your fill. glad you have the restriction. And hey .5lbs is still .5 lbs so be proud of that.
Keep up the good work

THE DASH! said...

Yay for those fills - and you have a good attitude. .5 is .5 .. at least it didn't go up! I hope this fill brings you some great restriction!! :)