Tuesday, January 05, 2010

I Heart Exercise....Sorta Kinda

Maybe not the actual preparation and physical act of exercise, but more the high you get after...  I just love the way I feel when I am walking home from the gym, like if anyone gave me the stink eye they would be uber sorry!

I feel spectacular all day long - more energetic, happy and beautiful.  That last part is a little weird, isn't it?  I can't explain it, but I feel more attractive on the days I workout.

So, with all of this said - how could I possibly hate exercise?  Why can't I just get out of bed when my alarm goes off without thinking of excuses not to go?  I don't do that for work, I have to go, I have no choice.

What do you do to motivate yourself?  Who has made changes in their life to make exercise a daily part of their life and how did you do it?  Just picking your brains - um, have you ever though of that phrase, like really pictured it in your head, gross, right?

Anyway, I exerciesed today and I feel super awesome!  This morning was my first time doing C25k since September and I lived to talk about it!  I was actually impressed with my progress, as I mentioned in my last post, I have started and quit this program so many times.  Today I managed to complete the entire 30 minutes without cheating - I ran and walked when I was supposed to.  Usually I would get through a couple of run/walk sets and then skip a run segment here and there, bad Colls!

The program that I am using is a new one.  Previously I was using a Podcast called Podrunner Interval on my iPod Nano.  This was a great program, however I hated the music that they used - I want to listen to my own music.  Well, luckily Santa brought me an iPod Touch this year!  Sunday night I search around for an interval training application and found a Couch to 5k app made by felt tip inc. - it is awesome!  The best part about this app is that I can listen to my "Workout" playlist while completing the day's training.  The app only cost $2.99, and I am not one to pay for a lot of apps, but I really recommend this one.  The screen stays on during your workout so you can see your progress and then it turns different colors when it is time to run or walk.  There is also a voice that will come over your music telling you to run or walk.  Oh, and if you have Nike+ it is compatible with that as well.

That's about it for now ladies.  Have a great day <3


Yana said...

I am waiting to love the feeling of having exercised, but all I feel is tired and sore...wah wah wah! I look forward to loving it, though!

THE DASH! said...

Me too... I can't wait for the day when I suddenly wake up and go.. "Today I'm exercising because I want to, not because I have to." Wonder if that day will ever come. Sigh... lol

That said: like you I do love the feeling after. I feel empowered and it makes me feel 'normal.' You know? That feeling like if people see me during and after.. they think it's part of my normal routine and it's how I got (or better yet) stay thinner!

jennyr1222 said...

I can't answer the question on motivation either, but do agree that the feeling of empowerment afterwards is awesome. I'm planning on getting up tomorrow morning at 7 to do day 3 of C25k. We'll see if I can actually get some sleep tonight and make it happen. BTW, I have that iphone app and LOVE it. Makes it so much easier and will be great for when I finally get to running outside. So great to see you tonight!

Tina said...

I don't think it happens! I think what happens is you get scared enough that if you don't keep at the exercise all the weight will come back. Fear is the only motivation I have at this point. Havint said that..Wii fit is fun and I don'thate it nearly as much as I do all the other exercise options.

carla said...

I go to the gym and still hate it. I do love the feeling you are talking about afterwards but I have resigned to the fact that I will have to go to the gym for the rest of my life and I am never going to be happy about it :-)

Natalia said...

Yay, I just started the Couck 2 5K again too. I know it works, all I have to do is stick to it! I actually ran a half marathon last January...but since then I havent really ran at all and now it feels like I am starting over from square 1!! Ugh. But oh well, at least I am starting over. Keep posting about how your doing on the C25K - would love to see how you progress :)