Tuesday, January 26, 2010

50 People Find me Interesting?!?!

Hey All!

My Dashboard just gave me a great surprise!  I have 50 followers!  Thanks to Amy, I have gone from 37 Fabulous Followers to 50 Fabulous Followers!  Welcome everyone!

So, last week was a good week all in all.  I finally got the scale moving again and lost 2 lbs, which felt so great!  I couldn't have asked for a better number considering the weekend that I had.  Yesterday was Dan's birthday and on Friday he received a Gift Card from his brother for Asiate, which is a restaurant located in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel here in NYC.  It has amazing views of Central Park and the city.

This is a very small part of their Wine Wall - it is amazing!

This is where he and his wife stay when they are in town  We decided to use it Saturday.  We did the tasting menu with the wine pairing and it was very good.  It was 7 courses, I was completely stuffed by the end!  I also had Champagne to toast Dan's birthday, of course not realizing that the first course was paired with a Sparkling Wine!  I will say that at the end of the night when I was lying in bed I felt so weird, not sure if it was from the carbonation or not.  I drank about half of the Champagne and a little less than half of the Sparkling Wine.  This was deffinatly not the best tasting menu that we have had, it is a toss up between...

Esca located here in NY

Picasso in the Bellagio in Las Vegas

I completed Week 3 of C25K Saturday morning.  This morning I started Week 4 and was pleasantly shocked - I actually enjoyed running the first set (Run 3 minutes, Walk 1.5 minutes, Run 5 minutes)!  Well, I didn't really enjoy the actual running when I got to the 5 minute run, but I was really impressed with my improvement.  Last week I felt like the 3 minute run was really difficult and today it wasn't!  This is the farthest I have gone with this program and I feel fantastic!


carla said...

Sounds like a fun food night!!! Happy Bday to Dan
Awesome news on the running...I am still not brave enough to attempt running on a treadmill, not sure if I am scared that I cant run to save my life or that I am not co ordinated enough and wouold end up falling on my butt!!!

Heather said...

Ooh la la! I'd love to be able to stay at the Mandarin Oriental when I come back to NYC! I'll have to add this restaurant to my list!

Amy W. said...

See...this is why 50 people find you interesting. I drink Sunkist at fine meals (not recently dont worry), you have seven course meals with paired wine tasting...lol...

Catherine55 said...

Asiate?! Niiiiice!! Dan's brother has good taste! Sounds like a great night.

I love Esca, but haven't tried their tasting menu. Am going to put that on the list! I love the one at Blue Hill at Stone Barn out in Westchester.

THE DASH! said...

Ooh pretty new blog page - love it!!!
Love the restaurant too, how pretty.
Congrats on your 50 followers (pretty big deal!!) and for losing that 2 pounds. Wooot!

lol my verification was seaters.. strange but true considering your post about the restaurant.