Thursday, March 24, 2011

Um, Hi....

Yeah, I've been missing for quite sometime and guess what? I don't feel like a bandster. Not blogging, not losing, not really paying attention to my band... I honestly haven't had time, ugh!

When I last posted I informed you all of my crazy work schedule. Well, the schedule is still pretty much the same, but the opportunities that I am gaining are pretty awesome! I am trying to approach the stress in a different way, making it more positive than negative. My company was acquired recently, which is great news, but the crap involved before the deal even went through was enough to kill me. I was basically working 24 hours - my full day and then a chunk of Hong Kong's morning. But, the deal finally went through, yay!

Dear Due Diligence,

Go suck it.

Thank you,


As for the band... Basically, I have been bouncing around the same 10 pounds for the last three months. It's pretty frustrating because I always seem to need to get an unfill. But, I am feeling a little better about the whole situation right now. After talking to quite a few wonderful ladies at the NYC brunch on Sunday, I have come to realize I am not the only person with these issues. Just to recap:

1. I am really sensitive to adjustments.
2. I get really tight around my TOM.

These two issues play major head games with me and my band. I decided that since my TOM was over on Sunday that I would call into Dr. Ren's office on Monday to get right in for a fill. Saw Gaspar on Wednesday and after discussing the situation with him he agreed that I needed a fill. He also agreed that I take it easy on the days that I am tight, kinda suck it up for a day or two before running in to get an unfill.

Much needed fill accomplished. What does a much needed fill equate to for a "sensitive" bandster? Wait for it - .1! Gaspar felt that .1 would be a good start and that if by Monday I feel like I can handle more he will put a little more in. Love him!

I have to be honest, right now I feel like I could use like .5 more, but I will see how this weekend goes. The good??? news is that I was the same weight on their scale as I was back in the early Feb. Good, I guess because I'm not gaining. I am happy with my progress, I don't regret my band - I just hate all the set backs I have had. It seems that after my gall balder surgery I have just been a little lost.

Oh well, the past is the past, right? I can't change it, the only thing I can do is work towards my future sucess with the band. Speaking of which, I wanted to touch base a little on my last post. I had listed out somethings that I thought would help get me back on track, here is the list along with my progress (lack there of)...

Things to Get Colleen Refocused:
  • Blogging Weekly (Minimum) Yeah, didn't do that.
  • Adjustment Did two so far, yay!
  • C25K Program Started, but did not finish, boo.
  • 5K April 9th (Yay!) Backed out, boo.
  • Trip to Cali Yes, this can motivate me so much! It would be so fun to go there and be in a real size 16 or 14 (if I dare say). I could go to any store really and buy some really awesome clothes!
I didn't want to ignore the fact that I posted these. I posted them for a reason, to help keep me accountable. However, when ya don't blog, ya don't see this list. Outasight, Outamind....

Oh, and I had one more thing I would like to address. A long time a go, I was very honored to receive the famous GAP jeans that originally belonged to Catherine. I wore those babies out, literally. I couldn't even give them to goodwill. Tragic! They were getting really big, but I wasn't really seeing that. So, I guess it was good that they began to deteriorate. I said a few words, pulled myself together and threw them in the trash. This forced me to get a new pair since the stupid Old Navy 16's that Kristen gave me recently don't fit me yet! Sorry, they are not stupid, just mean. But, once I can pull them over my thighs I will love them, I promise!

Anyway, I went to the mall on Saturday and as I was walking to find someplace that was not LB but that I could fit in I saw GAP. I walked in thinking, maybe, just maybe... Then I got a little freaked out - what were these sizes? The sales girl must have sensed my confusion and asked if she could help me. I told her that I recently lost some weight and that I was not sure I understood the sizes. She became very excited and starting picking out kinds of washes and cuts for me and threw me in the dressing room! I tried on a couple of pairs and they were just like the mean ON jeans I have taunting me at home. But, then - THEN I tried on the "Curvy" cut and they were not mean! They not only went up my thighs, they ZIPPED!!! Here is a picture - I will not be wearing these out, don't worry! I think maybe in a month or so they should fit much better. I mean, just because they zip does not mean you should wear them in public!

Oh, and the NYC brunch was amazing, as always! But, this one was super amazing, so many people! I finally got to meet my lovely Kristen and Nicole! I did not focus enough on taking pictures, but I was luck enough to get one of me and Joey, so here you go...

So, this is where I am, not terrible, but not great. I will say that blogging is a huge part of keeping things together for me.