Thursday, April 22, 2010

Six Month Gift...

Hello All!

I have moved quite a few times over the past six years, and I have been schlepping around the same seven pairs of jeans in the hopes that I would magically fit back into them...

Well, after hitting 39 lbs lost as of Monday AND the fact that my six month bandiversary was on Tuesday, I decided I was going to be brave. I really wasn't expecting much, maybe I would be able to squeeze a little more (less) of me into the jeans this time - but definitely no zipping would be taking place...

FOUR of the seven pairs fit me, I can't believe it! The last time I tried them on they wouldn't go past my thunder thighs - now not only do they go up all the way - they actually ZIP!!!

So, I think the pants that fit this morning are sizes 20, maybe one 18W and one 3 (LB sizing).  I don't really remember, I just know that they didn't fit for many years and now they do!

Here I am in my "New" jeans this morning!

My face, just 'cause...

The timing of this momentous occasion could not have been more perfect...
  1. My six month bandiversary.  The last six months have been a roller coaster for me.  I sent an email to Amy W. last night talking about the Vlog she did in the beginning of April.   She talks about how important it is to have a doctor that really works with you and that gives you total support.  This is 100% true and I have recently come to understand this since I had to switch doctors due to insurance issues, a blessing in disguise!  There were two months with my previous doctor's office (my actual surgeon) where I had no restriction and they kept putting whole cc's in and then taking them back out within 15 minutes because I couldn't keep water down.  Anyway, if you follow my blog you know all about this.  My new doctor, Dr. Ren, aka Kick Ass Doctor Lady, fixed me right up and now I am losing weight again!  I LOVE her and her office!  But, my point here was that I really have been down on myself for the two months of no weight loss.  However, a number sometimes, really is just a number.  I meet a NS goal - I fit into those jeans!
  2. I am going on a cruise next week, I can't wait!  The cruise is to Bermuda and as I was checking the weather I realized that the temperature won't be that much warmer than it is here.  To me that means at night I will most likely want to wear jeans when it is chilly.  I have been really dreading this because my jeans (the one's I received from Jen W., ya know, the fabulous lady who just hit 99 lbs down!) are all too big and ubber baggy.  They look tragic - in the back I look like I have shit my pants and in the front - well, I have cock crotch.  Excuse my language, I usually am more lady like on my blog ;)
  3. I can finally contribute some items to the Sisterhood!  YAY!  After I get back from my cruise and have eased back into work and the boring day to day of regular life without 11 am frozen cocktails, I will post pics and hopefully find happy homes for my clothes.  I am so grateful for the Sisterhood, it really has helped me tremendously and I can't wait to finally be able to give back!
You guys rock and I love each and every one of you!  Your support and comments over the past six months have been a HUGE part of my success thus far.  Thanks, Lovies!

Monday, April 19, 2010

I Rocked the 6K!

I did it!  I ran/walked a 6k yesterday - and I am still alive!  It felt so good to cross that finish line.  For about a half a mile it is all up hill after the 2 mile marker - I thought I was going to die!  Overall I am very happy with my pace and am so glad that I did this.

Me at the Starting Line...

The race didn't start until 8:30 and we were an hour early, so I told Dan to go and get himself some coffee and walk around the park.  I needed to focus on the run - this is the first one I have done by myself and it is also the first one that I was going to actually run.  He was making me nervous just standing there!  For some reason I thought it would take me 2 hours to complete the race and he said that he would be there waiting for me so he could snap a picture and cheer me on.  That did not happen - it only took me 1 hour and 1 minute!  I was so upset, I actually started to tear up.  No one was there to see me come in and finish this, just strangers cheering me on.  But, then I realized - it really doesn't matter - either way - I DID THIS!

I got on the scale this morning and saw 221!  I am almost out of the 220's, wooo hooo!  I was however, a little disappointed that I did not see 220, because then I would be down 40 lbs!  But, I will shut up and take the 39 lbs, it still feel amazing!

I guess I was a little bummed out because I am going on my cruise next week and I doubt I will be able to come back and see 220 or less - I want to be realistic here, I probably will gain.  I am okay with that though, I want to have a great time, I really need this vacation!  My plan is to get to the gym each morning and do at least some cardio just to keep on schedule.  I think that if I take a week off, it will be so hard to jump right back into when I get back.  Plus, I might gain a little less if I make exercise a part of the vacation.  Just one half hour a day - no big deal.  One of the girls asked me if I was going to work out and I said yes, she is going to as well, so that should make it easier!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Monday, April 05, 2010

Hello Lovelies!

Hey Guys!  Things have been good.  I went to Dr. Ren on Tuesday to get a little tweek and she was great, as usual.  She totally agreed that I could use a little bump.  I received 1 full cc and felt pretty good when I left the office.  I was able to drink my cup of water and was very excited about the prospect of feeling restriction!  However; it is never that easy!  I had to go back to the office a few days later because I was having trouble eating.  It was taking me over an hour to eat ONE softly scrambled egg or 1/4 oz of soup - crazy!  It was getting really uncomfortable for me to eat anything, I just always seemed to have this stuck feeling, no sliming, just uncomfortable in my chest.  Gasper took out the teeniest bit and now I feel great!  It is amazing how slow I have to eat now compared to before, it really makes a difference from being comfortable and uncomfortable while eating.

My weight has been a little crazy lately - I lost 7 lbs in two week after my original fill with Dr. Ren on the 12th and then I gained 3, so when I went back to Dr. Ren on the 30th she had me down as losing 4 in two weeks, not too bad.  However; when Gasper weighed me this past week he saw that I had lost 8 lbs - in a couple of days!  I didn't count that weight because it is their scale and it was not Monday - but boy do I wish I could have!  This morning was my official weigh in for the week and I am happy to report that I am down 4 lbs, making my total 34.  I am happy with this and feel that the band is finally pitching in!

Saturday I went to New York & Co because they were having a huge 50% off sale - off of EVERYTHING in the store!  I am so excited that I can finally fit into their XL shirts/sweaters again.  It has been a while.  I bought a couple of cute tees, cardigans, sunglasses and some jewelry.  Now I just need to purchase some crop pants and bathing suits for my cruise on the 25th.  Oh, and I have to have all of my dresses altered - it seems that I never noticed that they are all too long!  I am short - 5.2 - which would constitute as petite, however I always find it difficult to find plus sized petite clothing.  Anyway, I realized the other day that I look so much older because they are way past my knees, so I am going to fix this problem!

I have been BAD on the exercise front, I think that running outside has totally bummed me out.  It is so much harder and now I feel so behind.  My 6k is on the 18th!!!!!!  I had to go back to the end of week three and I was almost done week six!  I started to get nervous because I won't be able to finish the program in time for the race - then in true Colleen style - I decided that I would pout about it...  UGH

I want to post a blog (**Updated - meant to say Vlog!) soon - hopefully tomorrow night!  Until then, have a great Monday!