Monday, January 17, 2011

Does this job make me look fat...


Okay, so it's not really the job - it's the weight that I have gained.  I saw 200.00 this morning on the scale - that is NOT good.  Especially because I have been going to the gym three times a week for three weeks now.  I don't understand.

Really?!  Seriously, Colleen?!  Of course I understand - I have to be honest here.  I am eating whatever I want - whenever I want.  This is where the job part comes in.  I am slipping back into bad habits because I am so stressed out here.  I am eating mindlessly all day long.  Another contributing factor to the gain is my current fill level.  It has been at least two months since my last adjustment - I think it is time to go in.

My weight goal is 170, which is only 30 lbs away.  I would like to reach this goal by September of this year.  Dan and I are going to California mid-September.  How cool would it be if I were at goal for this trip?

So, this brings me to a little list that has been running in my head (while scarfing down bad food items)...

Things to Get Colleen Refocused:
  • Blogging Weekly (Minimum)
  • Adjustment
  • C25K Program
  • 5K April 9th (Yay!)
  • Trip to Cali
I will have my (.) this week, getting fills during this time is just a big no no for me.  My band is way too sensitive and it automatically tightens up this week, so I will have to make an appointment for next week.  Which of course is Dan's birthday and I am taking him out to dinner next Thursday.  I checked the menu and it looks like there are plenty of soft, mushy foods if I am a little tight.

Lastly, I would like to apologize for my absence over the past month or so.  I really do hope that everyone had a great holiday and that 2011 will rock!

I am going to be catching up on blogs this week, I have really missed you all!

**Update**  Boo, just called Dr. Ren's office and they are closed for the holiday.  Am I the only one who does not have off today!?!