Monday, January 17, 2011

Does this job make me look fat...


Okay, so it's not really the job - it's the weight that I have gained.  I saw 200.00 this morning on the scale - that is NOT good.  Especially because I have been going to the gym three times a week for three weeks now.  I don't understand.

Really?!  Seriously, Colleen?!  Of course I understand - I have to be honest here.  I am eating whatever I want - whenever I want.  This is where the job part comes in.  I am slipping back into bad habits because I am so stressed out here.  I am eating mindlessly all day long.  Another contributing factor to the gain is my current fill level.  It has been at least two months since my last adjustment - I think it is time to go in.

My weight goal is 170, which is only 30 lbs away.  I would like to reach this goal by September of this year.  Dan and I are going to California mid-September.  How cool would it be if I were at goal for this trip?

So, this brings me to a little list that has been running in my head (while scarfing down bad food items)...

Things to Get Colleen Refocused:
  • Blogging Weekly (Minimum)
  • Adjustment
  • C25K Program
  • 5K April 9th (Yay!)
  • Trip to Cali
I will have my (.) this week, getting fills during this time is just a big no no for me.  My band is way too sensitive and it automatically tightens up this week, so I will have to make an appointment for next week.  Which of course is Dan's birthday and I am taking him out to dinner next Thursday.  I checked the menu and it looks like there are plenty of soft, mushy foods if I am a little tight.

Lastly, I would like to apologize for my absence over the past month or so.  I really do hope that everyone had a great holiday and that 2011 will rock!

I am going to be catching up on blogs this week, I have really missed you all!

**Update**  Boo, just called Dr. Ren's office and they are closed for the holiday.  Am I the only one who does not have off today!?!


Janelle said...

No, I don't have today off either... get that fill and hopefully that will kickstart the weight loss again!~

Jen said...

I'm at work too!!! BOO!!!
Hope your fill and your goal list help to kick you back in the right direction!!
You around 3/23 - 3/27? I'm coming to NYC with the hubs.. would love to catch up!

amandakiska said...

I'm working today too.

Sorry for the gain, but it looks like you are already doing what you need to do to get it under control. Isn't it wonderful knowing that a slip doesn't have to mean weeks or months of bad eating like it may have in the past?

Joey said...

I'm working too.
It for sure get harder as you get closer to goal. Love your plan!

Nella said...

i never weigh myself before or during my period! Try again in a few days when you are bloat free!
We are going to Cali in APRIL! Woohooo!

Linda said...

You do need that fill to get back on track. I find just a little bump in restriction makes me so much more aware of what I can/can't put in my mouth. Your plan for goal sounds good, I know you can do it.

Gen said...

I agree with Linda about the fill. Sorry about the work stress. I am a major Workstresseater -- this was part of my problem all summer. I was working so much and eating too much to control my stress!

I am only 30 pounds from goal as well. We can both get there by September!

Thanks as always for your so sweet comments.

Bonnie said...

Nope I wasn't off either. Must be a great feeling to be so close to goal. Love your list.

MandaPanda said...

Sounds like you've got a great plan to get refocused and remotivated. I'm doing the C25k program too! I haven't signed up for my 5k yet...gotta get on that. Good luck!

Erica125 said...

Hi Colleen,
I am in the middle of catching up on your blog. I like to start at day 1! I live in NYC and need to switch doctors. I'm currently at April 2010, when you switched to Dr. Ren due to your insurance. I'm wondering if you would let me know who your old doctor is, so I don't go to them. It sounds like they weren't the best in the fill department. I'm nervous about switching dr's and trying to get any advice I can from people in NYC. My blog is or my email is so that you don't rat your old doctor out to everyone!

Thanks so much in advance! I can't wait to get through the rest of your blog, but wanted to ask you this question right away. I look forward to following you and learning more!!!


Joey said...

Hey Colleen - Super excited to meet you in a couple of weeks!
P.S. are you still alive?

Lynda said...

Glad you're back in the blogging world! Sounds to me like you have a good plan for getting back on track. Fingers crossed for you.

Lynda said...

Crap!--just saw the date on your post (I am soooo behind). You doing okay?

Liz said...

It was great to meet you today, and chat a bit! Hopefully we can do another brunch soon :)

Stef said...

hey it was really nice to meet u yesterday. Hope we can meet again soon :)

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