Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dinner with a Bandster, 3 Months and Yucky Pictures...

Hello Everyone!  It has been a few days since my last post so here we go...
  • Monday night I had the pleasure of going to dinner with Jacquie!  It turns out that she lives in the neighborhood that I work in.  We met up at a great Thai restaurant at 6:30 and the next time that we looked at our phones it was after 9:30!  It is so nice to actually meet other bloggers.  I am so luck to live in NY, where there seems to be quite a few of us!  Speaking of - when is the next NYC Bandster Brunch?
  • Today marks 3 months for me!  I can't believe how fast it has gone and how comfortable I have become with the idea of this "thing" inside of my belly!  I am a little bummed out about my weight loss progress.  I thought I would have been down at least 30 or 40 lbs by now.  Either tonight or tomorrow night I will be doing my progress pics and my measurements.  Maybe there will be some good new there!  I know that I feel better in my clothes, so that's gotta mean something.
  • One of my closest friends got married back in September and just posted all of her pics on FB.  I was in the wedding and the dress was not flattering at all.  It was a disater to even get it ordered.  They had to order me a larger dress because my bottom half is larger than my upper half (and I got charged extra for the larger size).  It was embarrassing, I was by far the largest girl in the wedding party.  Well, when the dress finally came in I tried it on at home and found out that it was like three sizes too big, WTF!  I had to go and pay another $150 for alterations, which did not turn out too good!  The dress was way too short and the chest was not altered correctly.  Anyway, the point is that the pics are now on FB for the whole world to see.  Well, maybe not the whole world, but a lot of people.  People who don't even know me.  I actually cried this morning when I was looking at them.  There are like 50 pics there of me in this horrible dress next to tall, skinny, beautiful girls.  The only positive thing that I could think of was that these would make great "Before" pics.  This first pic that I am posting is the worse one.  This is the one that made me cry.  How did I let myself get this big?

The rest of these that I am posting still make me feel sad a little, but then they make me feel good - I have the bestest friends ever!  I had a great time at the wedding and as you can see I danced and sang like a fool!

If you see a faded sign by the side of the road that says
15 miles to the... Love Shack!

The Bridesmaids and Flower Girl

My Girls <3


carla said...

I know how hard it is to look at "before" pics but just remember one day you will look at these and not cry, you will look at them and smile to see how far you have come.

Kristen said...

aww hun just remember that is all in the past. A picture that was posted on facebook is actually is what inspired me to get surgery...You will NEVER be that size again, and to you it may seem really bad, but you look gorgeous in all these pics. I can't wait till you can post your progress pics!

The Former Fat Girl said...

Hey there lady ! I had so much fun meeting up with you..hope we can do it again sometime.

About the pics, I have to agree with the other girls, the important thing is that you took back control and that this is your past ! I am sure than in a couple of weeks you will look at these ,smile and do a happy dance when you compare them to the new wonderfully & always beautiful you !!
It might seem like it's coming off slow, but it's coming off for good..remember the weight watchers comes off fast and then we pack it back on with a couple extra for good measure !! So slow can be good..real good !!

THE DASH! said...

Hey Darl,

I know just how hard it can be looking at old pictures of yourself - been there myself just recently with comparison pics... BUT the good thing is, you WILL look back and WILL be able to say... wow, look how far I have come. You are a beautiful woman any size and you obviously have a lot of cool girlfriends who are behind you all the way!

Colls said...

Thanks ladies! You really know how to make a girl smile! <3

Amy W. said...

You know, I was always a little sad that i never was able to be a bridesmaid. But there is some relief in that as well! I think you actually look beautiful in the pictures and that color is amazing with your skin tone and hair color. The thing about facebook is that I don't think others look at those big pictures of us and say "OH MY GOD"...bc to others, it is not shocking...That is how they see us all the time. I don't know if that makes sense.

But they will be great before pictures! And in a years time you will be able to look back and say DANG! I came a long way!

AM said...

Keep up the great work! You look amazing!

Kim said...

I think you look great in the pictures! You will not be sad when you look back on them in a year!

seckert08 said...

I wanna live in NY and be able to meet all you cool bloggers! That's what I get for living in the boring Midwest! LOL

Gen said...

So lucky you and Jacquie were able to meet up!

You really look pretty in the dress, it is a great color - it could have been worse! But I know just how you feel. I just came across a pic someone snapped of me when I was not looking = and OMG. It hurts to look back.

Thanks for your comments on my blog. I look forward to following your journey! And hey, 23 lbs is great!

JenniferX said...

Hello again. :) You've got some smart commenters here, so listen to them. You are beautiful regardless AND you'll never be that weight again.

I know how you feel, though, because I have similar feelings about my own wedding! I wasn't my heaviest for it, but I was still pretty heavy. If only I had known about the lap band before we got married! I had only ever heard of gastric bypass and knew that wasn't for me. Sigh. But the point is, it's in the past and it's really okay. I'm healthier now and I love looking at pictures of me and my hubby now! And who knows, maybe we'll renew our vows someday and I'll get to wear a fabulous dress!

As for the weight loss rate, I actually prefer it that way. It feels better and more "natural" somehow. The only time it's been a bummer is when I compare my rate to others who consistently lose 2-3 pounds per week. So I try not to compare myself to others!

Hang in there, you're doing a great job!