Tuesday, February 02, 2010


This weekend was great!  Another food and alcohol filled weekend; however, I was able to lose 1.5 lbs - not too bad!

Saturday I took Dan to see the Lion King for his birthday - he has wanted to go for a few years but I just really had no desire to see it.  I mean there are so many shows out there, can't we something that is a little more adult?!  Anyway, I decided to give in and I am glad I did - it was amazing - the set, the costumes, the music, the cast - wonderful!

We went to Blue Fin for dinner before the show and it was really good.  I was a little nervous about it because it is right in the heart of Times Square, which is a tourist section that we rarely visit.  They had a good wright up by the Times and a good Zagat rating so we figured, what the heck!  It is mostly seafood, we started with the Shellfish Teir which was amazing!

This is not the one we got - ours was MUCH smaller and didn't have lobster!!

For dinner I had the Grilled Branzini, such amazing Mediterranean flavors!

Then, for dessert (which we never really order) we decided to get the Tuna Tartar and share it!

And of course we had a couple glasses of wine, but all in all, I think I ate really healthy.  I am happy with my band and how much I am really getting to know it.  I am a little curious what life with the band will be like after my third fill, which is next Wednesday.  I have not really PB'd yet, I have definitely gotten stuck, but it has always gone down on it's own.  In most cases, it is because I am eating way too fast and/or not chewing properly.

Recently Dan hired a new Golf Pro at work and we got together with him and his wife for brunch Sunday.  We had a great time, they made reservations at The Standard Grill for 2:00 pm.  Dan and I got there at 1:30, pretty early, so we decided to get a drink at Fig and Olive.  I had the Fig and Olive Dirty Martini!

Super Fabulous!

So, as I am writing this post someone brought a package into my office.  I am so excited, I just received the cutest clothes from Kristen!  I can't wait to go home and try them on!  Who am I kidding, I am going to try some on in the bathroom, I just know I can't wait until it's time to go home!


Kristen said...

YAY!! So happy they got there OK! Hope you like everything!!

Tina said...

Your nights on the town sound like a blast! I was just had two conversations with people yesterday about how we want to go visit New York again. You are so lucky to live in a place with so many fun things to do!!

Athena's Melting said...

I am so jealous! I have not been out for a nice dinner in forever...but it's good to see that you're still doing so well while having fun too!

Nicole said...

Your weekend sounded super fun!

I have had a few fills and I am still able to go out to eat, I stick to fish and am very careful. But I still enjoy myself :)


Tami said...

Mmmmm... my mouth is watering looking at that seafood. Now I'm going to have to go out and get some this weekend!!
Congrats on the weight loss!

Bonnie said...

It's so nice to know that after the band I'll eventually still be able to have a nice meal. And those martinis look yummy too. I'm a martini girl, which I guess I'll have to curb after the band. Have to save my calories for protein. Why can't alcohol have protein? Sigh...

Dinnerland said...

Thanks for all the lovely comments on my blog-- I have been terrible about writing back!!
ANyhow: wow that night looks divine and congrats on your most recent weight loss. YOu're a star!

Catherine55 said...

I loved The Lion King! Glad that you did too! Also, The Standard Grill is one of my favorite restaurants -- hope you had a great time!

Thanks for your nice note on the C issue -- totally was nice to read! :)

Fat Bastard said...

I love reading your blog, because I love NYC. I was born in Queens but moved when I was four. I visit every couple of years and was there ast summer. I saw Chicago and went to an improv. I saw Lion King in Pittsburgh, it wasn't bad.