Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Thanks, once again to Tina for the nomination!  I am so touched!

Here are the rules:

  • Thank the person who nominated you for this award;
  • Copy the award and post it in your blog;
  • Link to the blog of the person who nominated you;
  • Tell seven interesting things about yourself;
  • Nominate seven bloggers and;
  • Post links to the blogs of your nominees.
And the Nominees are...
(These are in no particular order and I did 8, not 7)
  1. Catherine - One of a few blogs that I found pre-band.  There really wasn't much out there at the time and I was so happy to find her blog.  I connected instantly with her blog because she lived in NYC like me and because of all of her success she has had while still living a good life.  She enjoys great food and drink while losing - I want to be like Catherine when I grow up!
  2. Amy aka Oprah - What can I say about Amy's blog - it is fabulous!  She is extremely honest and such an incredibly strong person.  I found her blog around the same time that I found Catherine's and also read her entire blog from the very beginning!
  3. Jacquie - What an amazing person!  I am lucky enough to have met up with her a few times for dinner.  She has come so far and continues to be successful!  Oh, and the clothes, she gave me a boat load of clothes last week - love her!  She is currently working on the C25K program and I hope she joins the race I am doing in April.  http://www.active.com/framed/event_detail.cfm?CHECKSSO=0&EVENT_ID=1798820
  4. Jen - Another NYC Bandster that I have met a couple of times.  She was generous enough to give me tons of her "too big" clothes back in January.  Jen is also in the progress of completing the C25K program.  Hopefully she will be running in April as well!  http://www.active.com/framed/event_detail.cfm?CHECKSSO=0&EVENT_ID=1798820
  5. Kristen - She just reached Onederland, yay!!  She has also been kind enough to send me some awesome clothes.  In fact, I wore the white dress with blue and brown flowers yesterday to a conference and got so many compliments!  You have great taste in cloths, Kristen!  
  6. Gen - I <3 Gen!  She is such an inspiration to me!  Every time she posts pictures, I get a huge smile on my face - she looks amazing!
  7. Cara - This woman continues to inspire me, she is so motivating!  Her comments on my posts really help me.  This is another person who posts pics up and makes me smile!  She is so beautiful and the success that she has has thus far really shows!
  8. Jordan - I love that we now have a couple of guys in our community!  I literally lol'ed when I read his blog title!  He has not been banded as of yet, but is focused on success.
7 "Interesting" Things About Me...
  1. No one in my family really knows about the surgery - and I am okay with that!
  2. My closest friends are from High School - thats a long time!
  3. I have moved a total of four times in the past 6 years.  This includes my upcoming move on Saturday.
  4. I had a serious addiction to Blistex for years - there was an intervention.
  5. I hate flying, but I still do it.  I won't let my fear hold me back from seeing the world.  But, in my mind I am sure that the plane is going to crash.  I can't have the try down EVER because it will be in my way when we crash.
  6. I love to sing.
  7. I have two cats...
Elizabeth - 13 Years Old

Bella - 15 Months Old


The Former Fat Girl said...

Awww !! That is so sweet of you Colls !! and totally FREAKING AWESOME !!! Thanks sooooo much !!!!

I'll update on my next post !! And I had no idea about your junkie past ( LOL!!!)

Good luck on the move and you'll love Dr. Ren !!!

Kristen said...

Awwww thank you so much, I a honored! I'm so glad the dress came in handy for you! Good luck with your move, I always dread it but I'm sure it will be worth it!

Catherine55 said...

Thank you so much!! I really love reading your blog -- especially since we have met and am honored to be on your nominees list! Looking forward to another bandster brunch soon! :)