Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving - Belated!

I hope you all had a very nice Thanksgiving weekend and for those of you not in the US, I hope you had a lovely weekend!  I just got caught up on reading everyone’s blogs and it looks like everyone did quite well this Thanksgiving.
I am no exception!  My husband and I decided to have a quiet Thanksgiving alone.  With this being my first one banded, I wanted to make it easier on myself – have total control of the menu.  We purchased a 6 lb turkey breast, some brussel sprouts and sweet potatoes.  I sliced an orange and seasoned the slices with a spice rub I made and then stuffed them under the skin of the turkey and in the cavity.  I then took the rest of the spice rub and rubbed it over the turkey using a little Olive Oil.  For the brussel sprouts, I sauteed canadian bacon and shallots with some PAM Olive Oil spray and topped the sprouts with them and stuck the mixture in the oven.  Then I made some sweet potato fries, which turned out pretty good.  I just sprayed and seasoned them with salt and pepper and threw them in the oven.  The only unhealthy thing we had was the gravy, which wasn’t really that bad.  We used a bold chicekn broth that we had in the fridge which is fat free and low in sodium, some flour and a little bit of the pan drippings from the turkey, which we drained the fat from.
I had a little of everything – more turkey than anything else – protein, protein, protein!  The whole meal was excellent and I didn’t feel deprived.  Most importantly I was satisfied, and not full to the point that I was going to burst!  I guess there is a first time for everything!
Thanksgiving was actually the easy part of the weekend!  Wednesday was my friend’s birthday so we were all getting together Saturday night to celebrate.  I grew up in South Jersey, right outside of Philly, which is about one and half hours from NYC – this is where my friends live.  Once I got to SJ Saturday morning I met up with one of my friends and we went to a neighborhood parade with her family.  After the parade we went back to her brother’s house where they had a huge spread laid out for lunch.  The usual suspects - crock pot roast beef, lunch meats and rolls the size of your head!!  I did pretty good, I rolled up a couple pieces of ham and cheese, had three potato chips with a tiny bit of dip and I sampled the tiniest piece of lean roast beef.  I also had two Chicken Cornbread Cups that her mom made.  They are pretty small and very good!
The birthday celebration dinner was pretty good, too.  I had a shot of butternut squash bisque, a taste of my friends warm beat salad, half a crab cake, roasted veggies and a little bit of rice.  I was nervous about the rice, but it was no problem.  The hardest part about the dinner was not drinking wine, but that’s a whole other post!
Oh, and I had a sliver of birthday cake and a scoop of low fat ice cream back at my friend’s house.  Over all, I think I did pretty good this whole weekend – I did not gain or lose weight, I stayed the same.  I am happy with that…
This past week was also great in the exercise department.  I successfully made it to the gym four times and I am officially up to 20 minutes on the treadmill and 20 minutes on the elliptical, yay me!  In fact, not only did I go to the gym on Thanksgiving day I actually ran on the treadmill for a couple of minutes!  I don’t know what happened, all of a sudden I realized that I was running, fantastic!

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