Thursday, November 19, 2009

On Track

I went to my one month follow up appointment yesterday and things are looking good!  They clocked my weight loss in at 23 lbs and were extremely happy with this.  First I saw my surgeon, we just had a general discussion about the healing process.  I mentioned to him that I was really out of breath and very tired after only 10 minutes on the treadmill and that my stamina has been pretty low.  He said this was normal and that I just need to build my stamina back up.  Um, which is basically what I said in my last post, so I guess I am doing okay!
Next I saw my nutritionist and she was extremely pleased with my progress – I am right on target.  I really like her, she is very nice and never seems to be rushed to get me out.  She gave me her blessings to move on to Stage III, which is the “normal” diet.  However; I am to take it slow and introduce one new solid food a day.  I can have pasta and bread but should stay away from rice for another couple of weeks.  With the bread, it should be toasted; which I have learned by reading other blogs and random posts on LBT.  The softer/doughier it is the more chance there is for it to get stuck.
All in all I am very happy and will see them all again next month.  I just need to get my official weight and measurements in on Friday, which is exactly one month post-op.  I will post the results sometime during the weekend.

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