Tuesday, November 24, 2009

No Weigh...

I can not believe that I forgot to weight myself this week.  My schedule is once every Monday morning, but I have been getting up to go to the gym and I am so tired that I forget.  I always remember when I get back, but you shouldn’t weigh yourself after working out because you won’t get a true reading.  I will do it tomorrow morning, I have set an alarm on my phone.
Speaking of going to the gym, I have gone twice this week, which is great.  I have added two minutes on the elliptical every workout so I am not up to 16 minutes.  My overall goal is to do the elliptical for the full 40 minutes.  So, once I get up to 20 minutes I will continue to add two minutes to the elliptical, but will be deducting two minutes from the treadmill.
On the food front I am doing really well.  Even with 3 cc’s I don’t seem to be having any difficulty eating solid foods.  I do have some difficulty drinking fluids though, I can’t seem to sip, sip, sip – I just want to drink normally through out the day.  This especially becomes a problem at the gym, I usually take tons of huge gulps while working out.  I am working hard on take many sips while working out so that I don’t feel so thirsty after I am done.
That’s about all I have for right now.  Tomorrow I WILL post my weight and measurements!
Ta Ta!

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