Wednesday, December 16, 2009

To Fill or Not to Fill....

Hello, I hope everyone is having a great week!
So, I mentioned to the girls at brunch on Sunday that I have a doctor's appointment today and that I wasn't sure if I should get a fill or not.  Basically I can gulp water and I can definitely eat more than I could after surgery.  I am also getting hungry between meals.  My band was installed with 3 cc's and it has been almost two months since my surgery.  I was questioning getting the fill because of the holidays, I want to enjoy myself and not worry about getting stuck during family meals.  My family does not know about my surgery and I am not sure I am ready to tell them yet.  The girls all agreed that I should get the fill now and that I would be fine.  They also told me a little about what to expect when you get stuck.

So, what did I do after receiving all of this fabulous advise?  I called my doctor's office this morning and pushed my appointment back!!  You see, my real worry - if I am going to be honest - is that my office party is tomorrow and i want to enjoy it.  It is 4 hours of top shelf open bar and your typical bar food selection.  Also, we have Christmas dinner with my husband's family on Sunday.

I wanted to move the appointment to next Monday that way I could enjoy my party and dinner with my husband's family.  I felt that this would give me plenty of time to be comfortable with the adjustment before Christmas dinner with my family on Christmas night.  However, they only do fills on Wednesdays - that's only two days before Christmas, that is too close.  So, I had to move it to the 6th, that's so far away!  When I hung up I instantly felt scared, I ran to my bedroom and drug out the scale.  Guess what - I am no long at a plateau - I GAINED 1.5 lbs!!  At that point I grabbed my phone and called the office back - she must think I am insane!!  I will be going to my original scheduled appointment this afternoon!

I mean really - I didn't want to get the fill because I wouldn't be able to eat fried bar food at my office holiday party - really?!  There is a reason that I chose to have this device put in my body - so I can stay on track and lose weight!  Not so that I can chose to live in "Bandster Hell".  I may partake in a cocktail or two, that falls in line with the liquid stage, right?!

This will be my first fill and I am really nervous - I have read so many stories of rough fills!  I will be back later to let you all know how it goes...


carla said...

I think you made the right decison. I am sure the fill will go well and even though you cant eat tomorrow you can drink ( although be careful on an empty stomach). I think waiting until January would not have been the right thing to do since you really have no restriction and can eat what you want, this way you can still enjoy food over the holidays but not as much. Let us know how the fill goes.

Debi said...

I agree, I think that you did the right thing.

My first fill isn't until the 28th, after Christmas! This is the Doctor's decision as he says he won't do fills until at least 6 wks from Surgery. So I have no choice but be able to eat what I want for dinner & have to police myself!!