Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Debbie Downer Warning!!

The good news is that I have been keeping up with the gym and meeting my goals in that department.  Spin class is spectacular, in fact, I moved myself from the very last row in the back up a few rows to the nice bikes!  I used to attend the spin classes pretty regularly about six months ago and during that time I was always the last bike in the back.  No one needs to see me huff and puff my way through the class!  The only downfall was that the back was where they put the dinky bikes.
I am also on track with my eating, although I did have two drinks on Sunday.  I can no longer avoid the temptation of glorious libations!  I am okay with this, I know what I have to do to make this work.  I am a strong believer in “Everything In Moderation”.
So, the bad news (read this in your head with an extremely whiny voice)  - I am working really hard at the gym and eating well; but I have been stuck at 239 for THREE weeks, WTF?!  Last week when I saw that I stayed the same, I felt okay – but this week I wanted to kill someone!  Is this normal?  I have 3 cc’s, it’s not like my band is empty and I’m in the dreaded “Bandster Hell”.  I feel like a disappointment, like I am not holding up my part of the bargain.
Then when I thought I couldn’t feel any worse my Old Navy jeans came in the mail yesterday and didn’t fit.  My jeans now are a size 22 in regular jeans and a 4 in Layne Bryant jeans, they are all pretty baggy.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I have a number of jeans that I saved from when I weighed less.  None of them fit me – they skip to size 18 – no 20’s in the pile.  So, on Cyber Monday I order a size 20 at Old Navy thinking that I should be able to fit into those.  No such luck :(
I need to get out of this rut – any suggestions?

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