Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Week 1 Goal Reached, Yay!

I made it to the gym three times last week - it's so difficult to get back into the swing of things.  There is nothing more I would rather do than stay in my comfy bed and snuggle with my kitties and husband - lame, I know!

Anyway, I am at the same weight as last week, no movement.  Which is better than moving up, right?  I am starting a strength training program this week and adding that to my cardio.  Previously I was doing cardio and then some arm and ab work.  However, I really want to focus on the whole body.  Today was the first day of the program and it went really well.  Oh, except for the one machine that really just freaked the shit out of me.  There was of course an incredibly cute, fit guy standing by it and I wasn't quite sure how to work it.  So, what did I do - I walked away and skipped the exercise all together, such a wimp.  I WILL do it Wednesday, who cares if I look like an idiot.  Eventually I will figure it out and maybe look like I know what I'm doing.

These are the times I really miss having a personal trainer.  I get so frazzled because I have no idea how you are supposed to workout.  Like there is an order according to the muscle groups and stuff, it confuses me.  But I found this great app a few months ago that I have pretty much forgotten about lately.  It's called FitnessBuilder and it has a bunch of workouts already created.  Looking forward to using this app and really getting a great workout!

I am proud to say that I can do 50 push ups now.  Girly, modified push ups, but push ups all the same!  My right arm was paralyzed when I was born and I went through a lot of therapy and was lucky enough to gain some movement and strength.  However, it is still much weaker than the left arm and my mobility is not so great.  So, upper arm exercises have always been a challenge for me.  Sari, my trainer, was the only person who actually made me use my arm and really worked it.  Any other trainers I've had in the past would basically ignore it because they were afraid they would do more damage.  For a while she had me doing push ups on the exercise ball, which is much easier but at the time very difficult for me.  I really felt a difference in what I could do, she was really changing my body.  Then she moved away to Cali, so selfish!

She comes back to town every once in a while and I make sure I have a few sessions with her.  So, about a month ago she came back and we had three sessions.  The last thing she had me do in our final session was 5 sets of 10 modified push ups without the ball.  I did the first 10 and basically whined that I would not be able to do that 4 more times.  Guess what, I DID!  Oh, and then my body fell flat on the mat and I cried!

I am happy that I have continued to push myself to do these push ups on my own.  The one thing that I have learned is that it's fantastic to have a trainer, but really if you can do it with them - you can do it without them.  

'Cause We Rock!


Amanda said...

It is getting harder now to lose weight I find! We are very similar I started at 250 and I am at 194 irght now!

I know what you mean about having a trainer. It makes the world of difference for me for sure!

Dinnerland said...

Good for you on the push ups-- how are things going now??

Eva Siegel said...

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