Monday, June 07, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend Trip

Hello Lovies!

It has been a while, I ended up skipping last week's post because things are crazy right now.  I am reading everyone's blogs and trying to get caught up, slow down please!

Let's see - I went for a fill on the 25th in preparation to the big family outing that was planned for Memorial Day weekend.  The fill ended up being a smidge too tight - I couldn't really get much down without getting uber stuck.  In fact, I actually slimed for the first time ever - gross!

Memorial Day weekend was a weekend revolving around food.  It started when Dan and I arrived in CT on Sunday and stopped at our favorite place to eat.  I have been thinking about the food there all week!  Unfortunately I could not get much down and had to excuse myself three times. That night was the big surprise dinner for my Mom, it was held at a Chinese buffet.  Please don't get me wrong - I am not a total snob, but I am just not into the whole buffet thing.  I never really was, even before being banded.

No one in my family knows about me being banded except my brother, who could not make it that weekend.  I was very worried about stuck too much.  I was also nervous people would notice how little I was eating.  My entire family is overweight, big time and they love their buffets!  I decided to start off with the Wonton Soup broth, I figured the warm liquid would help loosen my band.  As soon as I sat down to eat, my cousin said - "Is that all your getting!" - WTF, really?  I told him "it's a buffet, right?  I can go back up to get more, right?!"  Wow, calm down buddy!  There still will be plenty of food left when I go back up.  This is what I don't like about buffets.  Your mind set is all wrong, it does something to you.  I don't know how to explain it.

After I finished my soup (within the same time everyone was on their second plate of food) I saw some sushi.  The fish was sliced real thin, so I took them off the rice and just ate the fish dipped in some wasabi soy sauce that I like to mix together.  Very good!  Then I got some peal 'n' eat shrimp - I tried to really focus on protein.  I got stuck and went to the bathroom a couple of times, but the last trip was when I slimed.  I thought I was going to be sick so I ran to the stall and out came what I imagine was slime, yuck.  I was mortified - so gross!

This whole trip was so frustrating because even though I couldn't get much down, I was starving.  So, I decided that the soft serve ice cream would be nice and easy to get down.  It was, but I didn't even close to finishing half of it.  It was taking me so long in between bites that it melted!

Then on Monday was the BBQ at my Aunt's house.  I tried to eat a hamburger patty with cheese on top, no bun.  I finished about half and felt like everyone was watching me cut this hamburger up into the tiniest pieces!  Then the home made Rhode Island style clam chowder that my Mom and Aunt made was ready.  That was perfect, I ate two little bowls of broth!  I guess that helped me loosen, because I went to pour another one and was able to eat the clams too, yay!

When Dan and I got home we stopped and picked up some dinner, it was pretty late but we both were hungry after sitting in traffice all evening.  Surprise, surprise I couldn't get a thing down.  SO FRUSTRATING!  I decided that I need to get an unfill, which I got the next morning.  I didn't even bother to call - I know they are in early on Tuesday, but they only see appointments - they don't answer the phones until they "officially" open. They were very nice and got me in right away to meet with Gaspar.  Turns out I lost 6 lbs in a week!  Really no surprise since I haven't eaten much!

This level feels really good and I managed to keep the 6 lbs loss and this week added two more lbs bringing me to a total loss of 48!

That's about it for now!  Hope you all had a great weekend!


Robin said...

Being overfilled is no fun at all. Glad you are at a better place now.

Jen said...

48lbs lost is AWESOME!!! Way to go. Sorry it wasn't an easy week though for you!! Glad you got the unfill to get it taken care of!

Alexis said...

I hate buffets too! I always have! It's more of a gross out factor for me with different people just rummaging through food plus the mind set of eating all that food just is plain annoying! :)

PB'ing and sliming sucks and I'm glad that it seems the unfill helped! I'm contemplating getting a teensy tiny unfill soon too.

Drazil said...

Awesome loss....seriously so great!

Cheeseburger Girl said...

Six pounds is awesome!
Sorry you got to experience sliming. I'm hoping to miss out on that, but I am worried the closer it gets to fill time.

Kristin said...

Holy moley, six pounds in a week!? Glad you got your unfill, it really sucks to be overfilled.

(You were banded on my 8th wedding anniversary!)

Pie said...

Wow, you're so close to 50!! That's amazing! Are you gonna celebrate? Or treat yourself to something wonderful??

Band-Babe said...

Thanks for your comment and I want you to know that I really tried to not sensor myself last night. That was what I needed to hear AND to remember. It was harder than hell, but hopefully worth it. I wish you were coming to Chicago, too!!!